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An alumnus' story
An alumnus' story  
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Your future career

While not all our graduates become CEOs, all gain an outstanding qualification in logistics, supply chain management and operations, and subsequently enjoy premium prospects for coveted positions in international business.

Many positions are related to supply chain management, including supply chain manager, distribution manager, warehouse manager, operations manager, production planning and inventory manager, sourcing/procurement/purchasing manager, and logistics information systems manager.

These job titles suggest you can find employment in a vast number of private, public or non-profit organisations in any sector. All companies, including service-oriented and non-profit organisations, operate supply chains and have value-adding processes which need continuous improvement.

The job market in logistics is therefore relatively insensitive to the state of the economy. In recessions, processes have to be redesigned to improve efficiency and competitiveness. In economic booms, processes have to be adapted to create new opportunities and beat the competition.

You can use a number of resources in finding a career, such as the journals and professional organisations listed below:

  • APICS, the Association for Operations Management
  • CSCMP, the American Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals 
    (formerly CLM).
  • ELA (European Logistics Association) . Journal: Logistics Europe.  
  • VLM (Vereniging Logistiek Management).
    This organisation also represents APICS in the Netherlands. Journal: Logistiek, published by Elsevier. 
  • NEVI (Nederlandse Vereniging Voor Inkoopmanagement).
    Journal: Tijdschrift voor Inkoop en Logistiek, published by SDU.  
  • VELA (Vereniging van Logistieke Adviseurs).

All graduating students receive the journal ‘Supply Chain Magazine’ published by Springer free for one year. Head-hunting companies such as Logi-Search, Tempo Team, Plimsoll Adviesgroep, Young Executive Recruitment (YER), BLMC Executive Match and Logistics Recruitment have a specialist division for operations and logistics. Job hunters can also consult lecturers and RSM Career Services for help.

You can read more about our graduates and their career progress from their LinkedIn profiles.




Orientation year for non-EEA graduates

Non-EEA graduates can remain in The Netherlands after graduation in order to find a job. Please read further to find out how this 'Orientation Year' works.