Why this programme?

Why this programme?

The MScBA in Accounting & Financial Management trains specialists to supply the financial information needed by managers and investors; how it is gathered, secured, verified and used in the ‘nerve centres’ of companies and markets. Students specialize in helping managers and investors to make economically sound decisions.

In particular, among other things, you will learn:

·         to analyse financial information for decision making and valuation purposes;

·         to develop reliable information systems to ensure the reliability of business information;

·         how audits are performed to check the reliability of financial reports;

·         to understand how performance measures are effectively used to motivate and evaluate managers;

·         the implications of international financial reporting standards and corporate governance regimes.

The programme specialisation is taught by faculty members with an international reputation for research and education. The dual emphasis on academic rigor and practical applications brings added benefits to graduates: an in-depth understanding of the issues surrounding financial management; critical and creative managerial thinking; and the skills to effectively use applicable theories and financial management tools to business problems.