Degree: MScBA, Specialisation Accounting & Financial Management
Format: Full-time
Credits: 60
Duration: 12 months
Start: September 2020

  • 39% international students in programme
  • 100% of graduates employed within 3 months after graduation
  • Examples of your future job title: Auditor; Financial analyst; Controller/CFO

MScBA Accounting & Financial Management

Who is this programme for?

This one-year, full-time programme is for recent bachelor graduates with a background in business, economics, accounting or finance looking for in-depth knowledge and understanding of accounting and financial management. No previous professional experience is necessary.

What does this programme offer?

In the MScBA in Accounting & Financial Management, you will gain up-to-date knowledge of accounting and financial management so you will be a trained, broad specialist in this field. You will acquire an understanding of relevant economic and behavioural theories and insights, and learn how to apply these to practical situations. After graduating, you will receive an MSc in Business Administration qualification with excellent career opportunities.

The master programme is aligned with post-graduate education programmes to become a certified auditor (RA/CPA/ACA) or certified management accountant (RC). Our programme also offers you the unique opportunity to prepare for the Certified Management Accountant exams to earn the CMA qualification simultaneously with getting the MSc degree. There are also many other job perspectives in careers in financial management.

Key features:

During the programme, you will:

  • explore the interaction between an organisation and its broader environment including stakeholders,
  • learn economic and behavioural theory, analytical methods and core models of accounting and financial management,
  • generate a sustainable and coherent approach to solving complex accounting and financial management problems using qualitative and quantitative methods, and understand the managerial implications,
  • design and execute a complete research project autonomously, including defining a relevant research question in the current business context, formulating a research plan, reviewing relevant literature, collecting, processing and interpreting data, and evaluating the findings and relating them to business,
  • leverage the advantages of team diversity to bring projects forward,
  • learn how to effectively communicate with managers, regulators, external stakeholders and society,
  • reflect critically on your ethical responsibility as well as your influence, abilities, and limitations to instil these ethical values on others.