Degree: MScBA, Specialisation Business Analytics & Management
Format: Full-time
Credits: 60
Duration: 12 months
Start: August 2022 (week 34)

  • 43% international MSc students at RSM
  • 86% of MSc graduates employed within 3 months after graduation
  • Examples of your future job title: Marketing analyst, Data analyst, Financial analyst, Supply chain analyst

MScBA Business Analytics & Management

Even ‘traditional’ sectors of business have become data-rich – and such businesses need people who can find the business benefits in digital applications and technologies. Think of supermarkets with their abundance of data, or logistics and its dependence on routing and timing information.

This specialisation in our one-year (12 month) full-time MScBA study programme teaches you to understand, solve and communicate operational, tactical and strategic challenges from data in organisations. What these challenges have in common is their complexity. They need advanced analytics – but the results can be extremely valuable for business. You will find the causal relationships when you tackle real-life business problems in the business world.

After completing your core courses, you can choose from electives such as Analysing Digital Footprints, Supply Chain Analytics or Fintech: Business Models and Applications, before writing your thesis.


You learn through hands-on workshops and in-depth training to detect patterns and trends. Your instructors each have their own expertise in particular business and management domains and will train you to apply your analytical skills in each domain. This specialisation of our MScBA programme also benefits from the ‘intellectual engine’ that is the Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics at RSM; its network of companies and the on-campus Data Lab provide a rich environment for you to develop your skills and knowledge.

During this programme specialisation, you will:

  • design business models that exploit technological superiority,
  • learn how to effectively communicate recommendations from a business analytics project,
  • discover how to deal with ethical dilemmas in data science,
  • contribute to positive changes in business.

Is it right for me?

The MScBA in Business Analytics & Management is aimed at bachelor graduates with a business background and a good quantitative or technical orientation, and graduates from engineering and the hard sciences who are interested in business. It’s a specialised master programme for those who want to develop their skills in managing complex business analytics projects – from understanding the business problem and its environment, and selecting and executing the methods of analysis, to communicating the results to internal and external stakeholders.

Graduates from this programme can expect exciting employment opportunities. Data analysts and data scientists have been identified as the fastest growing jobs of the future in the Future of Work report written by McKinsey.

Kameliya Stefanova, Bulgaria (first cohort, MScBA Business Analytics & Management 2021)

“After my business bachelor, a business analysis internship at Amazon (Luxembourg) and working as a web developer at Accenture (Bulgaria), it was time for me to combine my business and technical knowledge, and extend it even further with the MSc in Business Analytics & Management at RSM.”