We've integrated the real world at every stage of the programme; it is 'learning by doing'. You’ll find that everything you learn has relevancy, and you’ll learn how to apply your new knowledge and skills.


RSM’s close contacts with international business and its location close to the headquarters of several multinational companies in the Rotterdam region are an advantage. Leading executives from business and from public and not-for-profit organisations regularly visit us to make presentations and join our discussion panels. They bring their unique view of the biggest issues influencing world affairs, and give RSM students their frank and authentic answers to questions. Click here for examples of recent lectures.


In some of your courses you will be asked to research and evaluate particular information about a real business. Often you will be given the information first-hand by guest speakers from the organisation concerned. After this, you'll be asked to act as a consultant and develop creative recommendations for a problem or challenge, and you will receive feedback from the company’s employees and your professors. Your work here is not just as exercise; it has real value.


The culmination of your practical work is the Consultancy Project. Several companies work with us over the course of three months, during which time you and your team-mates will work to analyse and solve a company problem. You will meet the supervisor from the client company regularly at various stages of the process before presenting your findings. The company will provide direct feedback. Here’s how previous students advised ways to increase air passengers in Africa during their Consultancy Project.


As your knowledge grows, you will also work on the skills you’ll need in order to develop your career. The GM programme includes seminars to specifically help you acquire the specialist career-developing skills you’ll need in the future.


We aim to give you corporate involvement and real experience of the business world right through your studies, from low intensity encounters such as visiting executives giving guest lectures and taking part in panel discussions, through organised site visits, to the high intensity of the consultancy project. You’ll practise using your business skills during your studies to be ready for the next step in your career.