Why this programme?

Why this programme?

RSM has a dynamic environment, and the programme is intensive. In this master programme  – ‘business for non-business bachelor graduates’ – you’ll work hard under the supervision of committed and high-calibre professors to add management skills to the knowledge from your first degree. Three elements form the core of the programme:

Practical relevance & academic rigour

  • You’ll be persuaded to venture out of your comfort zone, and trained to focus on what is important, how to apply theory, how to think academically and how to quickly grasp the essence of a problem and how to work with it. Your new analytical skills will help you to apply consistency in reasoning. This is how you learn to deal with business problems for which there is no ‘standard procedure’.
  • You’ll join real-life consultancy assignments with prestigious companies, so you’ll have close contact with the real business world at various stages of the programme. This delivers the ability to communicate with business people, and a keenness to go the extra mile to develop solutions for our participating corporations. You’ll ‘learn by doing'.
  • You’ll acquire a solid foundation for academic and analytical thinking because our programme teaches you how to learn. There are individual and team assignments, diverse content and a regular change of team mates with every assignment. You will work in diverse teams with others from different disciplines, backgrounds and nationalities, giving you lots of experience and confidence in your team-working abilities. You’ll gain an academic and active attitude to learning, so you can make the most of our programme’s combination of academic rigour and practical application, which means you can immediately apply your learning to business. Your intensive studies will culminate in your final master thesis.

Interdisciplinary skills

RSM’s Master in Management allows you to augment the knowledge from your bachelor degree with the latest management knowledge and thinking to become a business professional.

The Master in Management programme is interdisciplinary. It’s heavily influenced by disciplines such as economics, psychology, and operational research. But ‘interdisciplinary’ also applies to how you learn as well as what you learn, as well as your ability to work together and connect with other disciplines.

Your classmates are interdisciplinary and are carefully selected. They come from all sorts of disciplines; engineering, sciences, medicine, IT, law and languages, and together you create the perfect conditions for synergy; for learning to co-operate and for understanding the subtle differences between cultures.

Your different backgrounds will become a feature of the class’ learning experience. Our professors will actively use what you know to bring an extra dimension to the learning of the whole class.

International experience

The Master in Management programme becomes an international experience as you learn to co-operate in diverse and international teams. Our programme is international in its outlook, using literature and examples from many different countries, and there are elements of the programme that focus on letting you experience and develop your intercultural competencies.

Preliminary scientific research indicates that students on this RSM programme increase their cultural and interpersonal adaptability. They feel more confident to deal with unpredictable situations and uncertainty.

You’ll become accustomed to dealing with cultural differences, gain the skills to make an advantage of diversity and develop confidence in getting along with other international students because your classroom is a representation of global business. In recent years there have been up to 25 nationalities in one class, and you’ll find students from around 100 nations on campus at RSM.

Upon graduation, you will be equipped to pursue a career at a multinational company, or join an international organisation.