MScBA Master in Management

Who is this programme for?

Our MSc Business Administration/Master in Management* adds management skills at master level to your specialist bachelor knowledge. Our programme is a unique learning experience – your new management skills can boost your CV and your career. 

What does this programme offer?

Graduates tell us that the Master in Management is not an easy ride. It’s a very challenging programme that consists of a 60 EC Master degree which will be preceded by a 30 EC foundation (premaster) as of academic year 2019-2020. The foundation prepares students with bachelor qualifications in non-business subjects for master level business courses. The total duration of foundation plus degree programme is 16 months. You and your peers will be required to work hard. But graduates also say how much they value their ‘intense experience’ of this programme and are astonished by how much they are able to achieve in a short space of time.

Like you, none of your peers have studied management before. Like you, they have impressive knowledge from their specialised bachelor studies. You’ll become a fully-fledged business professional by following our master-level programme of business administration for bachelor graduates. The interactive classroom sessions and intensive team assignments – which are typical for RSM – become a valuable part of your learning experience.

Contributions from your fellow students bring their experience with them, transforming the programme into a potent educational experience. Your student cohort becomes a cohesive group with a shared experience.

You will learn and integrate all aspects of general management and business administration alongside academic theory that reflects the latest business and management thinking. You will gain a highly-relevant MSc in Business Administration from one of Europe's top tier business schools.

After graduation, many participants go very quickly into action as trainees, business analysts or consultants.


* For students interested in a part-time programme, we recommend enrolment in the Dutch-language Parttime Master Bedrijfskunde. Should this not be an option, a completion of the MiM programme in 3 years (i.e., spanning across two student cohorts) is possible too.