Alumni talk about RSM's Executive MSc in Corporate Communication
Alumni talk about RSM's Executive MSc in Corporate Communication  
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Graduates of this part-time Executive Master in Corporate Communication operate at an international level, working around the world. They occupy a range of positions in a variety of sectors, represent different nationalities, and form a strong network of alumni.

The flexible format of the programme allows you to build your own network quickly and effectively. After graduation, you automatically become a member of RSM's alumni community; your network will span continents, generations and industries. In this way, all RSM graduates benefit from the school's global network of more than 36,000 alumni. 

Alumni from the MScCC have their own alumni association, the CC Masters – in addition to becoming a member of the global RSM alumni network. You can find the LinkedIn group here: MCCA LinkedIn


“The international focus of this programme broadens your perspectives and network. The knowledge learned in each masterclass can be directly applied in the daily business of managing and marketing your organisation, which makes this master programme a great investment.” - Milou Halbesma

"The MSc in Corporate Communication offers the perfect combination of theory and practice, and the part-time format allows you to be the master of your agenda. I use what I have learned during the programme in my work in various ways." - Petra Sommer

"The MSc in Corporate Communication at RSM does not only provide academic learnings, but also has immediate practical value. The programme can be combined with a career, and it offers a great variety of subjects.” - Bart van Leeuwen

RSM alumni network

After you graduate, you join a global network of more than 40,000 talented professionals in more than 80 countries, with connections to hundreds of prominent employers worldwide. The RSM alumni office offers graduates from all programmes a wide range of services, learning opportunities and networking events so you can grow your skillset, meet new people, rekindle old friendships, or brush up on your industry knowledge.