Meet our employees

What’s it really like to work at RSM? Firstly, you’ll be impressed by our community’s goals and ambitions. Here’s what else our colleagues in various academic and organisational departments say. Judge for yourself why you’ll love working here and being part of the RSM community.

Dr Emilio Marti

"I'm confident that my students will help make the economy more sustainable. And it’s really motivating to work with faculty members who share this mission too.” Continue reading

Sonja van Staveren

“I have been exposed to new ways of thinking and experiences – through students, study trips and colleagues. RSM is a special place.” Continue reading

Eva Rood

"Working with young, ambitious and talented students keeps me up to date with the current generation. It’s incredibly motivating and inspiring to see how they want to improve the world.” Continue reading

Dr Steve Kennedy

"My work focuses on how organisations can systemically tackle societal grand challenges with the help of research and education." Continue reading

Vasileios Zaravellas

"RSM’s mission, values and philosophy match with mine. And having an impact on someone’s life through education is a rewarding experience." Continue reading

Dr Merieke Stevens

"My department brings together many nationalities, research settings and methodologies. It sparks new ideas for projects that I never considered before." Continue reading

Dr Inga Hoever

"I have such committed, enthusiastic and supportive colleagues. And when you have a new idea, there is a push to support you.” Continue reading

Dr Solomon George Zori

"The school provides what’s needed to conduct cutting-edge research and teaching innovation and opportunities to meet international scholars and share your work." Continue reading

Dr Aurélie Lemmens

“There’s an amazing work atmosphere here. Intellectual curiosity is the number one driver of our group, and I love it.” Continue reading

Carina Bravo Plancarte

“I’m proud to promote one of the best business schools in the world. There’s never a dull moment, and the organisation is very efficient.” Continue reading

Dr Iuliana Sandu

“RSM is a great environment to develop, both professionally and personally. And I can have a flexible schedule to support my growing family without reducing my work contract.” Continue reading