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Publication date: Friday, 17 March 2023

Out now! The latest issue of RSM Discovery magazine explores how supply chain and logistics are putting into motion the measures needed to keep supplies on the move for 21st century business around the world. This special issue highlights the importance of transparency and accountability in supply chain management, as well as the need for timely and reliable availability of components, as demonstrated by the recent worldwide shortages of semiconductors.

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Resilient global supply chains

The challenges of developing responsible and resilient supply chains in terms of the dynamic between competition and transparency, and aligning stakeholder interests from Linh NguyenMerieke Stevens and Rob Zuidwijk

Train yard

Nearshoring and automation

Adriana Domínguez, CEO of Spanish fashion company Adolfo Domínguez, who reflects on the impact of the Covid pandemic on nearshoring and automation.

Adolfo Dominguez store front

Humanitarian logistics

What businesses can learn from humanitarian relief organisations in dealing with ongoing disruptions and uncertainty from Harwin de Vries


The problem of counterfeiting and pirated articles in global supply chains, and actions that can suppress this from Morteza Pourakbar and Albert Veenstra

customs inspection of truck

Procurement ethics

The prevalence of ethical challenges in buyer-supplier relations, and what companies such as FrieslandCampina are doing to maintain high ethical standards from Fanny ChenFinn Wynstra and Jan van Dalen

Ambulance service platforms

Flare, a start-up company working to improve the accessibility and availability of ambulance services in emerging markets from Pieter van den Berg and Stef Lemmens

Vaccine distribution

How the design of vaccination distribution systems affects patient preferences and vaccine uptake from Cynthia KongHarwin de Vries, and Abed Kayyal

vials of covid vaccines

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Guest editor-in-chief

prof.dr. J.Y.F. (Finn) Wynstra
Professor of Purchasing and Supply Management
Rotterdam School of Management (RSM)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Finn Wynstra

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