MSc Programme Committee

MSc Programme Committee

The goal of the MSc Programme Committee is to safeguard and stimulate the quality of education, and to represent the community of students and instructors in the 11 specialised pre-experience MSc Programmes. To this end, the PC discusses all issues related to education, and gives advice to the Dean on assuring and enhancing the quality of the programmes. Topics include, e.g., curriculum design, learning objectives, assessments, study load, the quality of teaching and examinations, and the thesis trajectory. The MSc Programme Committee operates in alignment with the Dutch Higher Education and Research Act (Artikel 9.18 Wet op het hoger onderwijs en wetenschappelijk onderzoek) and the RSM School Regulations, Articles 11 and 12. Together with the Faculty Council, the committee gives input to and approves the annual assessment of the Examination Regulations of RSM’s one-year master programmes.



Dr Solomon Zori

Accounting & Financial Management


Tim van der Linden

Accounting & Financial Management 

Dr Philipp Cornelius

Business Information Management

Mike de Witte

Business Information Management​​​​​​​

Florian Madertoner

 Finance & Investments     

Seleyna Celik

Finance & Investments

Dr Guido Berens

Global Business & Sustainability​​​​​​​

Sofia Klingelhoefer

Global Business & Sustainability 

Dr Anne Burmeister

Human Resource Management

Susana Mendes

Human Resource Management

Dr Juan Madiedo

Management of Innovation​​​​​​​

Magnus van Haaren

Management of Innovation

Dr Maciej Szymanowski (Chair)

Marketing Management

Marlies Mons

Marketing Management

Dr Anastasia Sergeeva

Organisational Change & Consulting

Claudia Heese

Organisational Change & Consulting

Dr Yu Liu

Strategic Entrepreneurship 

Ties Hitzert

Strategic Entrepreneurship

Dr Frank Wijen

Strategic Management​​​​​​​

Jens Angele

Strategic Management

Dr Cynthia Kong

MSc Supply Chain Management​​​​​​​

Benni Schubert

Supply Chain Management 

Rajae Bolghiran

MSc Business Analytics & Management  

Dr Jurriaan Nijholt

MSCBA Parttime Master in Management  

Dr Korcan Kavusan

MScBA Master in Management 

Marietje Bosma

MScBA Parttime Master in Management  

Mersad Maghsoodi

MScBA Master in Management​​​​​​​