Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability

Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability

This three-day course offers insights into how companies in general and with corporate communication in specific can contribute to a successful implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability initiatives, beneficial for society and satisfying the needs of both the company and its stakeholders.

All companies start with a brilliant plan and above all a highly motivated entrepreneur. A new company is sometimes embedded in a profitable technological idea, an innovative service or a substantial improvement of an existing product portfolio. A start-up company is purely focused on staying alive and more important on growth. However, the more successful a company becomes, the more it will be aware of Tinbergen’s key notion: “profit will increase if you share” (“van de verdeling komt de winst”). 

As a logical consequence, more and more managers in companies understand that they have to change their operations in such a way that the products and services they provide are developed and offered to society in a mutual beneficial way, satisfying the needs of their own company and of the key stakeholders they depend upon.

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