World-class thought leadership on global business.

Our faculty are leading thinkers, researchers and practitioners of global business. Their research is published by top academic journals, and their expertise is regularly sought by the Financial Times, Harvard Business Review and a host of leading newspapers and media outlets. RSM professors investigate the most pressing and relevant dimensions of global management, and their thought leadership informs the decisions of C-suites and boards of some of the world’s leading business organisations.

Global scholars

RSM faculty research the most critical issues facing businesses around the world. From innovation to entrepreneurship to supply management and beyond, they shed critical new light on the challenges our organisations face in uncertain times. The Erasmus Research Institute of Management is ranked among Europe’s top three think tanks. Joining the EMBA programme at RSM will give you the opportunity to interact with world-class scholars on the critical issues that face your business and your leadership.

Industry leaders

No one understands today’s business climate better than those who actually navigate it every day — the leaders of industry and government. At RSM, you’ll get their expert perspectives first-hand, learning from big-name professionals who share invaluable insights about the real world, directly with you and your peers.

“Leading People is about relationships – owning and managing them, influencing through them to make positive things happen in the organisation. You’ll learn which frameworks to use for managing performance, talent and team effectiveness. My students come to realise that they play a big part in their own success when they realise their strengths, behave authentically and become givers rather than takers in the system.”

Patrick Flood
RSM Visiting Faculty, Organisational Behaviour

“RSM EMBA class discussions for International Investment Management, the elective I teach, are vigorous and dynamic.  We focus on how leading investors manage equity portfolios.  Having an international and culturally diverse class is important as it enables the sharing of perspectives about stock investing all around the world.”

Constance Lütolf-Carroll
RSM Visiting Faculty, International Investment Management


“Teaching in the EMBA programme stands out as the most enjoyable and rewarding experience I have. I simply love the level of our participants and our conversations and I often feel like I am learning as much from them as they are – hopefully – from me. The dynamism and energy in these classes is amazing. I already look forward to the next group I’ll have the pleasure to teach.”

Steven Sweldens
Professor of Consumer Behavior and Marketing at RSM