Block 12, 13 & 14

Block 12, 13 & 14

In the second half of the 3rd Bachelor year (block 12, 13 and 14) students are required to choose one out of the five available ‘tracks’. A track is a combination of three 5 EC courses and the 5 EC Bachelor Project, 20 EC in total, on a coherent field within the field of business administration. The Bachelor Project – the successor of the former Bachelor Thesis – clearly belongs to the chosen track and entails a mix of individual and group work. The execution of the Bachelor Project will vary from track to track.

Next to the different tracks, there are still two compulsory courses for all. Advanced Research Methods (5 EC) as a preparation for the Bachelor Project, and Digital Business (5 EC).


The tracks take a broader approach than our Master programmes and let you see for instance that knowledge on human behaviour is relevant for personnel management within companies, but also for marketing.

Once in track, you stay there: you can only choose the full track (i.e. taking courses across tracks is not possible). You will need to register for a track from 1 June until 30 June 2021 via SIN-Online, My Registrations. You can only register for one track but you will have a guaranteed place in your chosen track. The tracks are not a requirement for admission to a certain MSc programme offered at RSM.

RSM students can choose one of the following tracks:

  • This track focuses on operations, supply chain, data-analytics and information management. It is designed for students who want to learn how to support decision-making, such as making a choice among different options, backed up by data and modelling. This track will include the following courses:

    • Data Engineering & Management
    • Data Modelling & Analytics
    • Prescriptive Analytics
  • This track will be mostly on finance and accounting. Students will learn how to execute financial and non-financial analyses and make investment decisions. This track will include the following courses:

    • Financial Reporting & Analysis
    • Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
    • Non-financial Performance Analysis
  • This track will be paying attention to the HR dimension and marketing. Students will learn how behavioural economics and psychology explain behaviour of people (e.g. employees and customers). This track will include the following courses:

    • Behavioural Management Science
    • Managing People towards Flourishing and Happiness
    • Technology Augmented Behaviour


  • This track will be dealing extensively with the field of international business, but also aiming at societal issues like sustainability. This track is for students who want to learn about international business and about how firms operate in a global social-institutional context. The following courses will be offered in this track:

    • International Business
    • International Business Landscape
    • International Business from a Societal Perspective
  • This track will go through three stages in the development of companies: innovation, entrepreneurship and change. It is designed for students who want to learn about entrepreneurship, innovation, renewal and change management in a business context. This track will include the following courses:

    • Create
    • Develop
    • Change