Admission criteria

The application period for the academic year 2019-2020 starts on 10 October 2018. Until then the information on this page is subject to change without prior notice.

Important characteristics of the IBA programme are its international dimension and high performing students.

Admission to the IBA programme is therefore based on:

  1. your academic performance as indicated by your grade point average - 75%
  2. your extracurricular activities, illustrated by your curriculum vitae  OR in your answer to our motivation question- 25%

Prior academic performance is the best predictor of future success in the IBA programme. Therefore, your grade point average (GPA) contributes to 75% of your final score, which is used to determine your rank.

  • Please consult the admissions requirements per diploma, and the minimum levels and score requirements for mathematics and the English language proficiency

    Due to the early application deadline, the majority of applicants do not yet have grades of the final year of study. If you have not yet graduated, RSM considers the grades of the year before your final year (=penultimate year). This allows us to evaluate each applicant based on a full year of grades.

    If you have already graduated, grades of the final year and exam results will be considered for the evaluation.

  • As part of the selection process for the IBA programme we ask our applicants to illustrate their drive and suitablity for the programme by either uploading their CV OR answering the motivation question "What most attracts you to an international business administration programme?" It is not possible to choose both, so which one should you choose? To give you some guidance in making your choice, we have created a document to explain both options in more detail and to give you some tips. CV (resume) vs Motivation - How do I choose?