IBA Alumni

IBA Alumni

IBA students can enter many different employment sectors after graduation. The main sectors chosen by IBA graduates are finance and accounting (20%), consulting (20%), marketing and communications (15%), owner-entrepreneur (10%), human resources (10%), and policy advising (5%). 

Graduated from RSM in 2013/2014

IBA Alumna Jasperina de Vries
IBA Alumna Claudia Teijgeler
IBA Alumna Dayenne van Winden
IBA Alumna Divya Chawla
IBA Alumna Julia Thy
IBA Alumnus Lucas Hagemann
IBA Alumnus Mykolas Petrauskas
IBA Alumna Qinxuyun Su
IBA Alumna Aimee Cox
IBA Alumnus Alexandre Moneton
IBA Alumnus Alexandru Cogut
IBA Alumna Alina Stroie
IBA Alumnus Asaad Bayan
IBA Alumnus Cor van Drieberge
IBA Alumnus Fabien Le Thuaut
IBA Alumnus Jeroen Visser
IBA Alumna Jing Chen
IBA Alumna Kim Knape
IBA Alumni Lisanne Snijders
IBA Alumna Lotte Humme
IBA Alumna Marjolijn de Haas
IBA Alumnus Martin Kocian
IBA Alumnus Michael Forystek
IBA Alumna Qianqian Jiu
IBA Alunna Rui Yang
IBA Alumna Sarah Li
IBA Alumna Suzanne Verbeek

RSM recently conducted a survey to investigate how RSM graduates found their first job, in what sector of business, and their level of income. 

Alumni Office

With more than 26,000 alumni in more than 100 countries, RSM’s alumni network is a truly global entity. From the moment you join RSM, you begin to experience the benefits of this community. Many alumni are now in top positions in some of the world’s largest companies – and keen to help those following in their footsteps.  Contact with this global network is maintained by our Alumni Office, for example via a dedicated LinkedIn group that has been created by the Alumni Office for IBA Alumni. You can become a member of this group as soon as you graduate.