What our students say

What our students say

Year 1 Feeling

These students look back at their first year of IBA and describe their experiences so far. 

“RSM – being a top-ranked university – is filled with capable, international students who create an atmosphere that radiates friendliness, ambition and result-driven attitudes. The student-body is particularly welcoming of everyone and very social and the academically stimulating environment will make you want to bring out the best business person in you!” – Pier Coppola (Italian) 

“IBA’s first year felt like you bond with people who are as competitive as you are, so a lot of success stories take place around you, while you are writing one of your own.” – Nikita Reshetnikov (Russian)


"The first few moments of being a freshman may make you nervous as you realise that you’re facing a whole new environment than high school. However, once you have adapted to the freshman life, you'll realise that it is going to be one of the best times of your life." – Hanif Namoar Siregar (Indonesian)

 “By immersing myself into an international community with new experiences and opportunities every day, my first year at RSM offered me exactly what I had hoped for.” – Marlin Gerke (German)

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