Article: Monday, 6 July 2015

PhD candidate Lonneke Roza and Professor Lucas Meijs from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM) researched how to design corporate community involvement programmes and projects to make it more effective to businesses and non-profit organisations. Their findings are presented in the second edition of A practical guide to corporate community involvement.

Over the past 30 years, interest in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and corporate community involvement (CCI) has reached new levels, in research as well as practice, with an emphasis on the positive outcomes of such initiatives. Most researchers and practitioners used to focus on the business case of CSR and CCI. The focus is now on a comprehensive understanding of how to organise such initiatives to make the most out of it for all involved parties; which will improve the business case. There is little insight in how CCI can add value for non-profit organisations (NPOs). This 2015 edition of A practical approach to corporate community involvement offers some preliminary insights in these voids.

Designing CSR and CCI projects

In the publication’s first edition from 2014, the central topic was the added value of this approach to both businesses and non-profit organisations. In this second edition, PhD candidate Lonneke Roza and Professor Lucas Meijs from RSM provide practical answers to about how to design CCI programmes and projects to make them more effective to businesses and NPOs. To achieve this, they wrote a practical application of several of their articles which are mostly part of Lonneke Roza’s PhD project. This brochure, entitled Why and how non-profit organisations, companies and intermediary organisations can use corporate community involvement to build a stronger society: interesting facts from academic research 2015, supports managers in companies, non-profit organisations and intermediary organisations interested in CSR, and CCI in particular. The publication is intended to inspire and encourage organisations to further develop their existing programmes.

Practical approaches

The brochure contains short, accessible and practical approaches that show how both companies and NPOs should design effective programmes based on research conducted by Lonneke Roza, Professor Lucas Meijs, and their colleagues. The first part of the brochure includes a human resource management perspective on CCI. The second part offers managerial guidance and support in the decision-making in developing CCI programmes. The third part includes a critical assessment on how NPO beneficiaries perceive CCI efforts and the potential role of companies in contexts where civil participation and community involvement is not part of the tradition.

The Dutch and English version of Why and how non-profit organisations, companies and intermediary organisations can use corporate community involvement to build a stronger society: interesting facts from academic research 2015  is available below. 

Lucas Meijs

Professor of Volunteering, Civil Society and Businesses and Professor of Strategic Philanthropy

Rotterdam School of Management (RSM)

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