Magazine: Friday, 17 September 2021

Scale-ups. How do they do it? We talk to successful scale-up entrepreneurs like Brent Wissink from Just Eat and Michiel Muller from Picnic in our latest issue of Discovery Magazine. We also draw on the expertise of Constantijn van Oranje from accelerator

"Scale-ups are the engine of growth and innovation of economies; they are not only responsible for most of the job creation, but also help develop sustainable solutions for socio-economic challenges.”

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Techleap - The scale-up ecosystem in the Netherlands

In a perfect world, the Netherlands would encourage a scale-up entrepreneurial atmosphere in which young companies could thrive. Is the Netherlands this kind of place? Constantijn van Oranje, Martin van Luxemburg, Justin Jansen & Tom Mom discuss.

YoungCapital - Scaling up with a winning culture

Marcia Goddard, Elbrich Batstra, Magdalena Cholakova and Suzana Varga discuss the challenges presented by rapidly growing companies and how they might be effectively addressed. 

Wehkamp - Scaling up with data and speed

E-commerce websites may look more or less the same as they did 20 years ago, but there has been a revolution behind the screen, according to Anneke Keller and Ting Li.

Just Eat - Using a scale­­­­­­­-up mindset from the start

JustEat Takeaway has scaled up fast in recent years. RSM’s Justin Jansen and Tom Mom spoke with Brent Wissink, CFO of Just Eat and who has been involved since 2011, to find out why the company’s approach has been so successful.

Can Picnic crack the online grocery code?

In 2002, René de Koster wrote a paper that showed why an online grocery business could never be more profitable than a regular supermarket. Today, Michiel Muller's Picnic is doing its best to prove him wrong. Niels Agatz joins their discussion. 

Searching for the missing link in sustainability and entrepreneurship

Dirk Schoenmaker and Mark Weustink discuss the issues of sustainability, sustainable finance and sustainable investment and their role in the scaling up of smaller businesses.

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Contributing researchers

Prof. René de Koster

Professor of Logistics and Operations Management

Rotterdam School of Management (RSM)

Profile picture of Prof. René de Koster

Prof. Tom Mom

Professor of Strategic Growth and Implementation, Academic Director Executive MBA, Director Executive Programme in Strategic Management

Rotterdam School of Management (RSM)

Profile picture of Prof. Tom Mom

Prof. Ting Li

Professor of Digital Business

Rotterdam School of Management

Profile picture of Prof. Ting Li

Prof. Niels Agatz

Professor of Last-mile Supply Chain Analytics

Rotterdam School of Management (RSM)

Profile picture of Prof. Niels Agatz

Prof. Justin Jansen

Professor of Corporate Entrepreneurship

Rotterdam School of Management (RSM)

Profile picture of Prof. Justin Jansen

Prof. Dirk Schoenmaker

Professor of Banking and Finance

Rotterdam School of Management (RSM)

Profile picture of Prof. Dirk Schoenmaker

Dr. Magdalena Cholakova

Associate Professor

Rotterdam School of Management (RSM)

Profile picture of Dr. Magdalena Cholakova

Suzana Varga

PhD Candidate

Rotterdam School of Management (RSM)

Profile picture of Dr. Suzana Varga

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