This is a blog about sustainable finance from the Erasmus Platform for Sustainable Value Creation. We write our blogs to introduce you to the platform's work; to promote and foster thought leadership in the area of sustainable finance and to share our ideas. 

Persuading shareholders and investors to commit to the sustainable path

Committed and like-minded shareholders are the key to sustainable development.

Why green bonds are convenient for companies

Green bonds could drive sustainable financing shift from rhetoric to action.

Can we trust published CO2 emission data for investment decisions?

The $1million question for investors: which Dutch companies will thrive under a CO2 tax?

Greening monetary policy: an alternative to the ECB’s market-neutral approach

The ECB's market-neutral approach undermines the EU’s aim to achieve a low-carbon economy.

Who owns the elevator? Thinking about Principles of Sustainable Finance

Amsterdam circularity pavilion launch: environmental and social dimensions in finance investments.

What is sustainable finance?

In the financial sector, sustainability is on the rise. But what does ‘sustainable finance’ mean?