The Erasmus Platform for Sustainable Value Creation engages in several projects with their partners. Most of them are research projects. Below you find all our projects and the outcomes. Curious to discuss this with us? Please send us an e-mail via the contact form. 

Committed shareholders project

Shareholders are of great influence on companies. In the transition to a sustainable economy, companies and institutional investors are increasingly adopting the goal of long-term value creation, which integrates financial, social and environmental value. How can institutional investors, as committed shareholders, support sustainable companies and work jointly on the long-term agenda? In the pursuit of long-term value creation, investors and companies face several dilemmas. The aim of this research project is threefold. First, establish the facts on institutional shareholdings in companies. Second, identify dilemmas for investors and companies and third, explore pathways for long-term-alignment between investors and companies. 

Reports of this project

This report summarises the institutional ownership data of the companies in the AEX index. The main goal of the report is to create an overview of the presence of institutional investors in the ownership of Dutch large-cap companies. This report relates the data obtained to the reality of the Dutch asset management industry and lists the implications for institutional investors. Download it here

This paper finds that investors use a variety of methods for long-term value creation, including positive and negative screening, concentrated portfolios, active ownership, and collaboration with other investors. The main barriers to long-term investing are overreliance on benchmarking and passive portfolios, lack of alignment within the investment chains, and short-term performance incentives in the industry. Those are exacerbated by the lack of reliable sustainability data and the decoupling of investment processes from ESG engagement. Download the paper here.

This report presents data on the geographic segmentation of the companies in the AEX index, the Dutch stock index of the 25 most frequently traded securities on Euronext Amsterdam. This report aims to give an overview to investors of the international diversification of large Dutch multinational companies’ operations. Download it here.

Building on previous studies in which we disentagled the several interrelated obstacles that investors and company management face with long-term sustainable alignment, this paper, expands and searches for practicable solutions. The goal is to find an appropriate model that enables management of companies to engage in long-term value creation with support and trust of its investors, while keeping market discipline of management. Download the report here.